Malcolm X was and is one of the most polarizing figures of our time. After he returned to the essence students of his As well as those inspired by him came forth to continue his dream, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Dr. Huey Newton & Bobby Seale, Father Allah of the 5% Nation and his wife Betty Shabazz.

After Malcolm’s death Betty along with others sought to continue Malcolm’ s goal of separation over integration by attempting to purchase land in the southern United States to form their own sovereign country.

The Republic of New Afrika (RNA) was a Black Nationalist organization led by President Robert F. Williams with Milton Henry and Betty Shabazz serving as Vice President. Notable members include Monster Jody and Mutulu Shakur, Stepfather and Mentor to Tupac Shakur.

The group advocated for the payment of over a billion dollars in reparations from the United States government, African Americans the right to choose citizenship, and the creation of a majority Black owned country within the United States. Their constitution laid claim to five states: Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina and Georgia.

The FBI eventually put an end to their goals when they put them on their list of seditious groups for their advocacy of secession. Their headquarters would be raided constantly during meetings and eventually the group was dismantled.




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