………Well except for Terry Crews!

Crews got into another battle with words yesterday on Twitter,  not with funny man DL Hughley but with DC rapper Wale. Crews showed somewhat of admiration and compassion for the actor who publicly apologized for verbally expressing the anger he had 40 years ago when a friend was raped. I understand his anger but, He expressed how he wanted to just go out and kill any Blackman!

“Na, No, Nope!, Liam is TRASH!” Tweeted Wale. He also went on to add, “We losing brothas all the time over this proverbial “Fork (in the road)”, Na Fam!”

Wale’s sentiments were echoed by fellow DC native, Veteran personality and radio show host Joe Clair this morning on his “Joe Clair Morning Show” Non of his co host accepted the apology.  Joe went on to breakdown the ever present threat on the life of the Black Man.  Fired up he made it clear his sympathies for the victims but also to the search for justice, find the culprit! Not randomly select and target any BLACKMAN! Well said.



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