All my life I’ve only known of Sam Cooke as the man who made “A Change gon come” and the father of modern R&B, one of the Greatest and purist singers ever. The Marvin Gaye before Marvin Gaye.

But as an adult I’ve learned America loves to omit certain things in a person’s life to create a story of their liking.  Well it all came out in Netflix’s “The 2 killings of Same Cooke”

I encourage everyone to watch it as it’s more than an “Unsung-esk” program but one of a revolutionary with great power and influence. Unstoppable, Cooke weaved socially conscious lyrics to catchy tunes, some of which were banned and even re- recorded because of the label.

With that said Cooke even started his own label ecourgering artists of his stature to participate in a way similar to Jay Z’s “TIDAL” He surrounded himself with the likes of Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X.  I never even noticed his hair. In a time where men wore their hair processed, Sam Cooke, one of the biggest pop stars at that time rocked a natural!

This is why history is important. The omition of OUR history is the reason we’re still struggling. When a generation leaves the oppressors limit your history by only telling you what they want. This is why we celebrate MLK and the “I have a Dream” speech not knowing he was assassinated years after and had radically different views after meeting with Malcolm X himself.

Sam Cooke was more than a handsome crooner, he was Bob Marley before Bob Marley, Tupac before Tupac, and Jay Z before Jay Z.


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