Idi Amin once known as a loyal soldier to the British army held one of the highest titles in the British military and fought in many battles destroying black lives in the name of the British government.

When the country gained it’s (So called) independence from the UK Amin became head of all the armed forces. Aligning himself with the new President Britian thought they could use Amin to oust the President who although at the time worked with West Germany, Isreal and other European counties began leaning towards the far East. Amin ousted the President but not for Britian.

Becoming the 3rd President of Uganda Amin immediately turned Uganda into a Military state. Viciously he sought to rid Uganda of Any British influence and any non indigenous people, take over their businesses and give them to the people.  He took flack for ousting thousands of Asians from the country. He got funding from Mommar Gadafi in Libya and weapons from the west’ s number one enemy, Russia.  Nepotism, corruption, ethnic persecution, economic mismanagement in his eight year bloody reign from 1971-79 to defact Uganda from British influence is a gross example of “By any means necessary”


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