This has got to be the worst Black History month I’ve ever experienced in my 39 years. Since 1926 when Dr. Carter G. Woodson created “Negro history week’ it has became one of the largest ethnic celebrations in the world currently recognized by 5 countries.

Created around the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, two birthdays blacks celebrated, BLACK history week extended to include the entire month.

Every year of my life I’ve felt extra special for one month as America celebrated and gave thanks to us for our contributions to the world. All the sacrifice and pain we endured. And even though we still suffer the ramifications of slavery respect was given all across the board and rightfully so. But not in Trump’s era

It’s sad to say but I seen this coming, but not in this way. Although racism never left it’s been at an all time high since Obama’s victory in 2008. Let’s breakdown the cover:

Left side- For years there’s been controversy over fashion choices by African Americans. Growing up it was always talks of how racist Timberland, lTommy Hilfiger and the likes were yet we choose them over our own Roca wear,  And Sean John. It was like we needed to SEE the racism ourselves. Well! Here you go!!!

Middle- This one still hurts. During BHM Esquire decides to publish an article on the burden of white men. (Weeks ago I published how this same mag did it before which led to me creating TBM) In a time where the killing of unarmed Blackman by police is televised, in a time where the “Great Recession” exposed redlining. And even in a time of Women speaking out in the #metoo movement they wrote an article on the defence of Harvey Weinstein.

Right side- OF course politics! In Black History month a Virginia Governor admits to blackface, referred to slaves as Indentured servants and his wife gave out cotton on the Governors mansion tour. THEN OH MY GWAD THEN BLACK LEADERS ACCEPTED THEIR APOLOGY!!!!!!

This is why we still get disrespected as a people and low key why the youth don’t respect the elders. We create the air for this kind of fuckery. But alas! This could also mean change. Ebony magazine posted great black designers that support us, & I have The Black Masculist. Maybe this could be the kick in the ass we need.


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