Congrats to Theo Shaw who late last year passed the Louisanna state bar becoming its newest lawyer. Theo might be remembered as one of the 6 teens overcharged in a crime 13 years ago, a group which would be dubbed the “Jena 6”

Shaw, 17 then at the time was charged with attempted murder along with 5 of his friends in the beating of a white man. The news caught mega media attention as the teens themselves were reacting to being victims of racial discrimination and violence in that area.

In the case that made major news Shaw spent only 7 months behind bars and had his crime reduced to simple battery. He of course would go on to pursue a career in the criminal justice system.

This story comes at a perfect time as Director Ava Duvernay preps the release of her new Netflix series “When they see us” The story of 5 boys, 3 Black 1 Hispanic allegedly charged in the rape of a White Woman. The series premiers this month.


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