In the wake of preperation for our return next week the Black Masculist would like to take the time out to acknowledge the 400 years since the first 20 Africans were brought to the Jamestown Virginia, on the mainland of America as slaves sometime in August of 1619.

In remembrance The New York Times has created a beautiful project titled “The 1619 Project filled with poems, essays and historical facts on the early days of chattel slavery.  NY times magazine reporter Nicole Hannah- Jones says: “Its time to stop hiding from our sins and confront them, and in confronting them it tis time to make them right!”.

But of course in this “Trumped” America politicians and commentators are claiming reverse racism. Rep. Newt Ginrich tweeted: The NY Times 1619 project slogan should be: “All the Propaganda we want to brain wash you with!” Conservative commentator Eric Erickson feels the NY Times dropped the ball on the Russian collusion case and instead are “Re writing American history to be all about Race, Racism and Slavery.

But isn’t that what America is all about?

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