3 weeks ago The CW network released a series never before seen on TV: A buddy cop show with 2 BLACK LEADS!!! The show titled “Bulletproof” follows the adventures of 2 edgy Black detectives from 2 difderent backgrounds taking down criminals on the streets of the UK.

The show originally aired in the UK last year and was cancelled after one season only to make its way to our shores and on the CW’s doorstep.

This is gonna be interesting since in the history of television you’ve never seen 2 black men working side by side on the same team. Film wowed us with the blockbuster “Bad Boys” franchise and with the coming of the long awaited “Bad Boys 3: Bad Boys for Life!” this series and more like it are sure to come. I’ve yet to see it but the 1st episode brought in over 700k views

Here’s the trailer below and if you like what you see be sure to watch the newest episode premiering tomorrow night on The CW!!

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