This week new Baltimore city Mayor Bernard “Jack” Young and City Common Council president Brandon Scott has taken the 1st step in turning around the city by re opening 44 recreation centers.

When asked Mayor Young said the children asked for it. They want to make music, to play instruments and sports. This comes as no surprise as Young, the former Council president who became the mayor by default after Catherine Pugh was ousted lat year has been frustrated by the recent rise in crime and violence in the city.

This act, which is not covered by mainstream media is another step in reforming our neighborhoods as we face a nationwide gentrification and extermination plot.  For years city residents and government have gone back and forth over how to lesson violence and drug trafficking when something as simple as RE OPENING THE REC CENTERS SINCE CRIME AND VIOLENCE ROSE IN AMERICA AFTER THEY WERE ALL CLOSED would of course work

Props to both Mayor Jack Young and Brandon Scott. As a Bmore resident I look forward to what they have planned for the city’s future

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