Watching Byron Allen’s interview on the Breakfast club had me open! I knew of his case against Comcast and Charter communications but how Many of us knew of the Civil Rights act of 1866? How many of us knew of the 1990? 91? How bout the act of 57 or 60?

All we know of is the Civil Rights act of 1964 which ended segregation and discrimination in schools  and employment but non of that wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the 1st act ever passed after the Civil War, The Civil Rights act of 1866.

The 1st United States Federal law to define citizenship and to protect those citizens in accordance with the law was intended to protect newly freed Blacks born in America and those brought here. The law initially was vetoed twice by Prez Andrew Johnson, the former Lincoln VP who succeeded him yet reversed everything Lincoln put in place including the reparations given. It was finally passed to support the new 13th amendment. It was passed without a presidential signature.

The act gave Blacks rights equal to whites in contracts, Business, own and sell property, sue, give evidence in court, etc; But the law was federal so U.S. states didn’t really have to comply and as we see this has been an issue for over 100 years.

I understand Allen’s case more now and why the Department of Justice is attacking that particular act. By destroying that act, the 1st Civil rights act or affecting it in any way could undo all the changes made, make all the fight and cases won irrlavent and possibly send us Blacks back into slavery.

Immigration is not the problem, the infringement on our rights is and always have been the problem!

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