Living in Baltimore I’ve come to know this place as a city of hustlers. Just like NYC everyone has a hustle. Here in Bmore one those hustles is windshield washing, and it’ done mostly by the youth of the city.

5 “Squeegee kids” took their side business to new heights by organizing their own company “Korner Boyz Enterprises” and added selling water to their rep.

This was all due in part with the help of Maryland institute College of Arts (MICA). MICA gained interest after seeing the boys season after season making an honest living. The city is in full support of the kids but the people can see them sometimes as a nuisance although there’s far worse things they could be doing.


The reason I do this website is because I found this on instagram @becauseofthem and not on the local news.  I give props to the kids here because instead of selling drugs they’re out here enterprising and earning an honest buck!


Learn more here…….in Baltimore

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