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“How do you deal with racism? Well, you go do your work! You go practice your craft, You become the best at what it is that you do. We have faced racism for 400+ years in this country. SO YOU FIGHT! And you draw from the past and you lead to the Future!”

-Robert Smith, Wealthiest Black Man in The World!



This year Chamillionaire, the Platinum chart topper of the 2000s turned Mega Investor puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to investing in Small business.

As you see this video was probably made in January.  The results video can be seen on his IG page @chamillionaire but FYI there were too many good pitches so he gave $1,000 each to @brown_b.o.s.s.  Brown Boys lemonade who we previewed here:     @theblacksociety and @fdfunnelcakes

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