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We at the Black Masculist would like to say Thank you to the Black Men & Women who serve (d) to not only protect our country but our rights! You are appreciated!!!!!



Memphis group The “Black Farmers and Agriculturlist Association” (BFAA) recently filed a lawsuit against produce seed company “Stine seed” for deliberately selling black Farmers defective seeds

Although Black Farmers were granted $1.6B by former pres. Obama,  in 2011, money owed to them many still face systematic racism pushing them off the farms. And those remaining are overly charged and forced to deal with inferior material.

BFAA claims that with the same type of land, procedures and equipment seeds purchased by Black Farmers did poorly compared to their white counterparts. Stine seeds denys any wrongdoing and is pushing to get the case dismissed.





Guident financial, a business funding agency recently released results of a survey done on Black businesses this past year and the study shows black entrepreneuralship is quickly on the up and up jumping 400% over the past 12 months!! Regardless of what the news say Black men make up 65% of new owners. Campaigns like “Buy Black” Black lives Matter, the”Woke” movement and yes, even “The Carters!” have opened the eyes of many and encouraged alot to not only support Black businesses but get off the plantation and create them!

But the same challenges our ancestors faced we may still deal with today. Aside from the ongoing gentrification of America ousting Blacks out of their homes many are still denied the programs and proper funding needed to start a business.  Even Black women who’re elligable for many programs and grants come up short with not even as much as 10% actually getting them. Many, as in history have resorted to self funding. The most interesting thing I found out about the survey was that out of all the businesses surveyed most of the new businesses were from owners between 30-59. Its not about the new generation anymore, old folks are waking up too!

Heres the link to see the infographic and read the story………




You’ve seen me post alot about Self employed Real Estate agent Jay Morrison and his great ideas and strategies on investing in real estate with little to no money. This Tulsa Real estate fund is probably the best idea ANYone has ever come up.  With it’s  IPO this past Friday, the “Private” company has already raised $7,000,000!!! Shout out to the Tulsa Real Estate Fund, I’ll be pledging soon!!!!

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