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If you grew up like me in the 80s and 90s then you got to enjoy the classic “clean” comedy of David Adkins otherwise known as SINBAD!

The “Will Smith” before Will Smith the comedian had a great run in the 90s appearing on TV, stage and film becoming a household name but as time went on his star began to fade.

Check out this great vid from Comedy Hypes YouTube page!



Anthony Mackie & Samuel Jackson star in this Apple tv film about the true story of Bernard Garrett Sr and Joe Morris, two Black men in the late 50s who created a bank and real estate business under the guise of a white man they trained.

An unbelievable story as it takes place in one of the most racist periods in American history.  Facing many challenges their biggest one is when they were found out by the US government.

It’s glad to see more movies showing us historically our economic and political prowess in the states, something that’s all too omitted from the records. Sadly this movie may never see the light of day.

Apple was set to premiere the movie at their festival and release it on its new platform in December but got wind of past sexual allegations against one of the real life characters son who served as a co producer.

The charges comes from Garrett Jr’s sisters. Garrett jr has since stepped down. Whether that info was given to Apple or sought out remains a mystery. Although what happened to those Women is a travesty it would be a shame for their fathers legacy to again be hidden in history not to inspire our youth like so many other stories.

Pic and more info here…….

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Ok! If we’re gonna talk about a “NEW” Masculinity YES! Let’s talk about our feelings, YES! let’s escape from the dogmas and traditions of the savage, But let’s also make a firm stance in the position given to us at birth!

As a MAN it is in your DNA to be a protector and provider for your people. As a MAN it is in your MIND The analytical fortitude to handle extreme pressure and stress.

As a MAN it is your duty and no one elses to sacrifice for the greater good in order to live good!

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