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Still waiting on Don Cheadle to drop the release date for this amazing story!!!



“BE GREAT” I named this edition that in response to a conversation I had about “Dying for our People” There’s no mystery in the fact that America in some form or another destroys powerful righteous men. The Great Marcus Garvey and Paul Robeson suffered the same fate. But this is the cost for your people. It’s no different than providing for your family by any means. The Big fight affects everyone around your family. Simply put you’re either “Mak8ng” a change or in the way! ┬áPeople talk of “No Change as usual” in the death of Nipsey Hussle. But what he did in his personal life affected the ones around him and because of that a rapper you probably never heard of is considered a God and with his music in Congress and funeral at the staples center will be the most respected deceased rapper ever! ┬áThis is being GREAT! This is what Robeson was. Sure he died broke and some of y’all may have never heard of him either but guess what, Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Michael B Jordan, and Chadwick Bozeman have all idolized and studied this son of a slave. I gotta go! Be Great!!!



Happy 49th Birthday to the legendary MC and producer Kamaal Ibn John Fareed aka “Q-tip”

As front man and producer of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers “A tribe called quest” Q-tips jazzy production set the standard for the hip-hop sound in early 90s.

He created the native tongue movement of alternative hip hop which included Queen Latifah, Busta Rhymes, jungle Brothers and De La soul.

He would also use his production skills to create music ensembles like the Ummah and the Soulaquarians creating the careers of Erykah Badu, D’angelo, Slum village and the roots.

Q-tip was also instrumental in discovering Hip hop greats Busta Rhymes, Mobb deep and Nas. His groups legacy became education on the ills of the music industry and their influence has given them the title (in most circles) Greatest Rap Group of All Time.

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