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Joe Clair, the legendary Host, comedian, and radio & TV personality recently celebrated his 50th birthday in culmination with the release of his 1st studio rap album “New Music for Old Niggas!” Know for creating the freestyle cipher section of BET’s “Rap City” fans have been waiting awhile for the comedian to actually jump In the booth to record those bars! ┬áHere’s the 1st video off the album titled “Gone” which reflects the messages Joe speaks on daily on his “Joe Clair Morning Show” in Washington DC



….on Film

Before Richard Pryor’s skit in 1977, veteran actor James Earl Jones played the 1st Black President of the U.S. in the 1972 film “The Man”

The “made for TV” movie that ended up in theatres centered around the aftermath of the death of the sitting president and terminal illness of the VP. Doug Dillman who is the Senate President quickly rises to the commander in chief seat since his position is after the Vice presidents.

All throughout the movie Dillman is faced with challenges as he tries to please his people and the country while being sabotaged from the inside. (Sounds familiar?)

Here’s the link to the movie…….

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