Much like Virgil Abloh Nigerian “Serial” entrepreneur Chinedu Echeruo uses his creativity and imagination to create ideas and innovations for the future.

In 2005 he founded “Hopstop” a travel app that helps people navigate public transportation all around the world. He recently sold his idea to Apple for $1Billion dollars!

He also sold another one of his travel ideas,  to USA TODAY, one that generates leads for travel businesses. And he has more. Serial entrepreneurialship helps us use our ideas to shape the future.

“Individuals empowered by imagination and information can solve virtually any problem” -Chinedu Echeruo

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19 year old Nigerian Social Entreprenuer Kennedy Ekezie-joseph is set to change male and female relations in Africa.

Joseph heads and runs the Calabar Youth Council for Women’s Rights. An organization that actively take action against female genital mutilation, domestic violence and lack of education and opportunity for Women of color.

The organization also seeks to educate and even reform and rehabilitate Men and young boys who too are caught in this cycle of becoming predators.

His “Africave” initiative brings the brightest young minds of Nigeria to coach and mentor the next generation. As more and more people leave the country this program seeks to rebuild communities by providing opportunity and coaching to the people by the people.

This young man’s efforts and fundraising have been recognized by former POTUS Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth.

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In this clip famed martial artist and Hollywood action star Michael Jai White traced his African ancestral roots to the small village of Akwamu in Ghana. There he was caught by surprise when he was officially celebrated for his achievements in America and given the title of “Ohene” (King/Chief) There he will now be referred to as “Chief Nana Akoto III “The Tree with Strong Roots that doesn’t fear the storm”

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