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Life in America is hard! Day to day it becomes a struggle to survive in this ever changing world. It’s easy to see how that can affect a person’s moral. When you feel secure you’re more inclined to be successful but when your situation is uncertain you unknownly have the propensity to lead towards failure.

Why is That? Doesn’t struggle fuel the fire for success? Don’t we know that “Hard work & Dedication!” Is the recipe for prosperity? Yeah! If you know. But the problem is most don’t know, and when you don’t know or learn from your mistakes you repeat them over and over and develop an addiction to failure.

This stunts not only our entrepreneurial growth but our spiritual growth as well by not allowing us to live out who we truly are. But at last there is a cure to self destruction! And we all know it!






In a study by Rutgers university in the book: Research in Race and Ethnic Relations lead author and assistant professor Pamala Valera talks about public mis percerption of Black masculinity being hyper aggressive, hyper sexual and criminal which influences the way police see Black Men.

To illustrate she used the case of Furgeson police officer Darren Wilson killing unarmed teen Mike Brown as told by the LA Times, N.Y. Times and the Washington post. Each paper painted Mike Brown in a negative light using Wilson’s words portraying the unarmed teen as a monster the size of Hulk when they actually were around the same size.

Sad to say that this has been a common thing in this country and finally outlets other then ours are speaking out about it. To read more of Rutgers findings visit… ….




The Black Masculist would like to thank all our reader (Men & Women) from AUSTRALIA, UK, INDIA, CANADA, S. AFRICA, FRANCE, GERMANY and of course here in the UNITED STATES for continued support for the positve imagery of Blackmen.

Over the course of 5 years I’ve worked hard to provide you, no US with quality content. Sleepless nights, doubts, broken phones, and delagation issues are among the many challenges I’ve face in my persuit to uplift the Blackman across the world so HE in turn can uplift his people.

But in order for HIM to do THAT He has to happy with who HE is and for that to happen HE needs to KNOW WHO HE IS!! I for one believe in order to change the narrative we have to first change the narrator! More to come in 2019. P.E.A.C.E!

La’Var J. Battles, EIC, and Publisher


jLast week News outlet CNN announced the firing of political commentator Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. CNN has become the premier place for intellectuals to voice their opinions on politics and the state of affairs. Not Today!

The firing came after Hill’s riviting speech in front of the UN addressing the age old battle between Isreal and Palestine calling for peace and a free Palestine. The speech was deemed “Anti Semitic”

Its funny because Dr Hill’s job was threatened before when he showed support for the Most Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan only to quickly denounce him after a speech which spoke only of who the powers that control the black populous were. His speech was also deemed offensive.

Dr. Hill distenced himself from a great leader over a misrepresented speech and in turn was fired for the same thing. This goes to show that no matter who or what you think you are Black man, we all can be hanged from the same tree!

Check out Hill’s speech below to decide for yourself

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