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The Black Masculist would like to thank all our reader (Men & Women) from AUSTRALIA, UK, INDIA, CANADA, S. AFRICA, FRANCE, GERMANY and of course here in the UNITED STATES for continued support for the positve imagery of Blackmen.

Over the course of 5 years I’ve worked hard to provide you, no US with quality content. Sleepless nights, doubts, broken phones, and delagation issues are among the many challenges I’ve face in my persuit to uplift the Blackman across the world so HE in turn can uplift his people.

But in order for HIM to do THAT He has to happy with who HE is and for that to happen HE needs to KNOW WHO HE IS!! I for one believe in order to change the narrative we have to first change the narrator! More to come in 2019. P.E.A.C.E!

La’Var J. Battles, EIC, and Publisher




In no way is this ment to disregard anyones theories and or ideas but it is in fact a theory representing the views of THE BLACK MASCULIST.

By now since the release of Childish Gambino’s video for “This is America” I’m pretty sure you’ve seen at least 3 different explanations to the symbolism throughout. The  video, which is Great!! premiering at the perfect time leaves alot for interpretation.

After seeing him perform on SNL and clips of the video I finally had time to see what the fuss was all about and see what makes this video so great, and I did and I got what everyone was talking about. I too got the gun violence references, and racial undertones but what I also seen opened my eyes and ears to a level I think no one noticed.

Heres 6 things I got from “This is America”

Just from the lyrics alone this is a song speaking for the Black man. The song starts out as a party but jumps right into the reality of America, BAM! “This is America, dont catch you slippin up!” Throughout the song hes making references to living and surviving as a Blackman in America. “Look at how Im livin now, police be trippin now/I got the strap, I gotta carry em!” Right before he gets into the second verse where he slings drug references and expensive taste his grandma tells him “Black man get yo money!” and in the midst of fun, BAM! This is America!


Hidden features on the song includes, Blockboy JB, “Slim Jxmmi” of Rae Sremmurd, Young Thug, 21 Savage, and “Quavo” of Migos. All these artist have suffered from police brutality and even made songs about it. Some even appearing on T.I’s heavily conscious “Us or Else” album. They also contribute to their communities. You can even check out what 21 Savage is doing for the youth here at The Black Masculist. The fact that they’re featured and not seen could represent either, all Blackmen being lumped together (being his ad libs) or Gambino himself being a representation of all Blackmen.

While some see them representing us, the people being blind to whats goin on around us, I see the children as a representation of  innocence. He always stopped to dance with the children and enjoy youth even though death and destruction was always near. This speaks to everyday life for some where its not always safe but its home. Home being, the hood or America in general.


With all the killings coming before a verse representing all the tragedies  from gun violence we all were clenching our teeth at the end of the 2nd verse hoping he doesnt kill the children as he begins to point in the direction they’re running, and he doesnt. To kill the kids would be to kill the only innocence he has left.


Huge celebration as he dances and floss on luxurious cars enjoying material wealth in what we believe is success and finally “Making it!” in America as the choir and featured vocals all scream “BLACKMAN GETCHO MONEY!”


6). RUNNING!!!:
This confuses alot of people when the video ends with him running histericaly being chased by a mob of people and thats exactly what I see, a Blackman “Running for his Life”  Throughout the entire video Gambino plays up to the stereotypes, archtypes, violence and hysteria all while keeping his cool, but in reality like most Blackmen in America we’re terrified everyday and feel America is a place we cant escape. So RUN NIGGA RUN!!!

You cant talk about racism and gun violence without talking about the ones mostly affected, Blackmen. The problems Blackmen face in America  ends up being reduced to an overall black issue, then a National”Human” issue but the problem can never be solved until we deal with the perpetual physical and industrial genocide of Blackmen in particular.

From what I see throughout the video although Gambino may be a successful musician/Actor whose in an interracial relationship he understands he too is running and can’t escape. My Theory



Its a sad day as thousands mourn the death of Human Rights activist and council women of Rio de Janeiro who was gunned down this past march 14 while leaving a council meeting. Marielle Francisco de Silva, a council women for the socialsim and liberty party of Rio stood for womens rights as well as LGBT Rights and the rights of all Afro Brazilians. Born in one of the poorest “Favelas” in Rio, Franco took to the streets to begin a career of civil service after seeing her friend gunned down by police. She rose up the political ranks becoming one of The most popular politicians of the city and a champion of the Favelas, or inner city. She stood up to the city when they felt the need ro bring in the army to “Take back” the Favelas from gangs. This woman will be remembered as a embodiment of resistance to government control and a Queen not just of citizens of Rio but of Blacks, Women, and the LGBT community around the world. Bullets recovered from the scene indicated they were from the federal police of Brasilia. That and the fact she was hit execution style clearly points to an assassination. We beed to stand with our brothers and sisters of Rio as they fight for truth and bring her killers to justice!

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