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For years Darlene Lewis has helped ex cons gain employment.

Lewis own non profit organization “The Lewis-Burnett Employment Finders Inc in Little Rock AR,  has been helping Ex cons earn their GED and prepare for jobs for over 30 years, for free!

In 2014 it was reported that the organization was falling on hard times financially and even Lewis possibly stepping down. But according to a post I read on @greatblackfathers IG page the organization helped 2,000 former inmates last year and helped them with housing as well.

A website can’t be found but we do salute Darlene Lewis and the Lewis-Burnett Employment Finders and hope to be help to them in the future.


When asked what kind of girls her stepsons were interested in, to her surprise all the girls they showed her was light skinned. When asked were there any dark skinned girls they thought were beautiful their answers simply were “No!”

Gab talked to her boys about beauty being on the inside. But what’s sad is that they didn’t even recognize her beauty, one of the most beautiful women in the world!

“Colorism” amongst our people is more detrimental than racism. As much as we want to forget, slavery haunts us. Even to this day the stereotype of light skin being better and socially accepted is still prevalent and is a secret driving force behind our disunity.

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