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On this day November 5, 1994 George Foreman defeats Michael Moore to become WBA, IBF and Lineal Heavyweight Champ and the oldest Heavyweight Boxing champion in history.

After coming off a 17 year retirement former champion “Big George” Foreman at the age of 45 challenged and defeated the Lineal, WBA and IBF Heavyweight champ Michael Moore. Foreman would go on to fight up until 1997 retiring again at 48 with an official record of 76-5

He is second oldest champion in any weight class after Bernard Hopkins


Former safety Mike Brown is giving back in an interestingly and powerful way. Gaming has taken the forefront of modern entertainment amongst youth and adults alike.

Whether hand held device, console or cable and internet the ability to control your experience with unlimited capabilities and access have become the cornerstone of modern living. Even activities like gambling, sports gambling in particular have become increasingly popular.

Mike Brown, the former football star and scholar decided to focus more on his philanthropic duties after leaving the game only to notice the staleness of fundraising and had a hard time getting to venture capitalist who weren’t just interested in his football career.

Combining sports betting with fundraising Brown created “Win-Win” A company that allows athletes to engage with their fans by creating tournament and betting events. Proceeds to support the athletes various charities.

This is an interesting concept in that it allows the common folk to interact with the favorite athletes far beyond the tell of fantasy competivlty for a good cause.

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First when I seen the clip I immediately thought of the 1997 beef between then newcomer Canibus and the legendary LL Cool J and how Mike Tyson became a victim of L’s assault for appearing on the Canibus track.

Little did I know L and Iron Mike’s history goes deeper than that! Gems upon gems of Manly wisdom is shared between the two on Mike Tysons podcast “Hotboxin”

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