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Although Gun control hasn’t been a hot topic in a min we as Black people, men in particular need to be aware of our 2nd amendment right and the policies being used to restrict them. In this 2013 YouTube clip, Civil Rights lawyer, Gun Expert and host of the NRATV Web series “NOIR” Colion Noir gives his take on how to stop MASS shootings!



Here’s an interesting post from Author and News commentator Van Jones. In this age of Trump where Republicans and the POTUS both slams former 1st African American and 2x POTUS Barack Obama,  Van Jones created a list of all the great things he did for the people in in two terms. Below also is the link to the article we did “The 15 Accomplishments of Barack Obama” November 2016


Jackson state university student Lamonte Pierce just partnered with Wal-Mart to launch his patented “Cleanstraww” a water filtration straw!

What started out as a class project to address the water situation in his community of Jackson MS the three piece filtration system that divides sediments, particles and lead  created with a 3D printer  worked well enough for Jackson to serve as a guinea pig for something larger, addressing water contamination around the country and beyond!

“I saw somewhere they were drinking out of toilets, they were drinking from the river, different things like that. They use simple filters that you can find in everyday filters, but the thing was they did not filter out lead. If we can filter out lead, we can pretty much filter out anything,”

“Take the responsibility of clean water directly out of the government, state and city officials hands and put it in the hands of the consumers”

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Jackson State University Student Creates Straw That Filters Lead

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