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“The difference between the black man and the white man is this. We move through the world playing defense. We don’t have the capacity to play offense. We are constantly looking for the moment when we are going to be disrupted so we walk through the world very aware that the world views you a certain way. So you gotta play defense and you gotta play it smooth. When you don’t get disrupted like that you walk through the world going: huh! What could I build there, how can I make this work?” You play offense. Your whole flow is different!”




Joe Clair, the legendary Host, comedian, and radio & TV personality recently celebrated his 50th birthday in culmination with the release of his 1st studio rap album “New Music for Old Niggas!” Know for creating the freestyle cipher section of BET’s “Rap City” fans have been waiting awhile for the comedian to actually jump In the booth to record those bars!  Here’s the 1st video off the album titled “Gone” which reflects the messages Joe speaks on daily on his “Joe Clair Morning Show” in Washington DC


Congrats to rapper Common on celebrating his 47th birthday this past weekend and his new partnership with film company Lionsgate!

Common via instagram:

Freedom road has been a spark for me in my creativity and life.  I love working with our team and to now be partnered up with Lionsgate is a gift.  We will create high level art, films, tv shows and theater pieces that express excellence and give voices to those who are not always heard.  We will create opportunities for new voices and give jobs to those who may not have a chance yet to work in this business. So this is not only a blessing for us, but a blessing for all as we surely plan to spread the love.


I Just seen this video and it was real inspiring. Here’s Calvin “Klein” Bacote former mentor to Jay Z chopping it up with former State Property member Oschino Vasquez. Now O posts a lot of street wisdom on his pages but I guess this was a time he needed it. I needed it. And I’m sharing for those who may need it too!

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