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Congrats to Theo Shaw who late last year passed the Louisanna state bar becoming its newest lawyer. Theo might be remembered as one of the 6 teens overcharged in a crime 13 years ago, a group which would be dubbed the “Jena 6”

Shaw, 17 then at the time was charged with attempted murder along with 5 of his friends in the beating of a white man. The news caught mega media attention as the teens themselves were reacting to being victims of racial discrimination and violence in that area.

In the case that made major news Shaw spent only 7 months behind bars and had his crime reduced to simple battery. He of course would go on to pursue a career in the criminal justice system.

This story comes at a perfect time as Director Ava Duvernay preps the release of her new Netflix series “When they see us” The story of 5 boys, 3 Black 1 Hispanic allegedly charged in the rape of a White Woman. The series premiers this month.



In this clip from the Joe Rogan Podcast show newly crowned UFC Welterweight champion and 1st Nigerian WW Champ Kamaru Usman 1st talks about the struggles immigrants go through in America and how his father was unjustly inprisoned for 15 years. He then goes in on the audacity of the “make America great again” culture and how in his upcoming fight against Trump supporter Colby Covington he’ll be channeling the anger of every immigrant!


You’re not a revolutionary if you don’t give back to your city. We’ve all been amazed at the things Nipsey Hussle left behind but he’s not the only one putting on for his city.

Detroit’s own Platinum star Big Sean has been keeping busy in between albums. His foundation, “The Sean Anderson Foundarion” partnered up with Ally financial and The Thurgood Marshall college fund to host a competition for HBCU students to present and pitch Business plans. Sean was one of the judges.

10 HBCU teams entered but the winners were from Florida A&M. Their pitch addressed the financial problems of Detroit. Each member received $5,000 and a Mac Book.


This year Chamillionaire, the Platinum chart topper of the 2000s turned Mega Investor puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to investing in Small business.

As you see this video was probably made in January.  The results video can be seen on his IG page @chamillionaire but FYI there were too many good pitches so he gave $1,000 each to @brown_b.o.s.s.  Brown Boys lemonade who we previewed here:     @theblacksociety and @fdfunnelcakes

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