Benjamin Banneker is probably my favorite person in history because of his exceptional knowledge and skill in the sciences and math.  But the true origin of his genius goes deeper than “His-Story” will show.

Benjamin Banneker was really Ben Bey Emmanuel Mu Ali the son of slaves who bought their freedom. His father was a captured African Prince as well as his mother’s father. His maternal grandmother bought and freed slaves. In his household he learned the ancient sciences from his father and grand father.

Its rumored that his name “Benjamin Banneker  was an amalgamation of his father and grandfathers original non slave names. It is also rumored that he was in fact “Prince Hall” the founder of the first Black Masonic lodge. Of his 7 Almanacs we know of 6. The 7th which actually predicted the future was destroyed along with his house after his death. But heres “Their” version…….



Frederick Douglas Patterson left a teaching position in Kentucky to join his father’s horse and carriage business after his brother died and his father became ill in 1897.

After his father died in 1910 Patterson, who forseen the rise of “horseless carriages” completed his first car in 1915 competing with Henry Ford and priced his cars at $850. He was the first african American to own and operate a car manufacturing company.

Only making 150 he had trouble financing and changed his company to producing trucks & buses rather than to compete. He had success aquiring numerous contracts with school districts.

The great depression took a huge chunk out of Pattersons business. Patterson died in 1932 and his son closed doors in 1939. To date non of his trucks or buses exist but his fathers carriages remains in existence.




Dr. John Morton Finney (1885-1998) Was a former soldier serving as one of the elite “Buffalo Soliders” during the first World War.

Earning his Law degree at the age of 22 in 1911, Finney practiced law until 1997 when he retired at the age of 107. Hes believed to have been the longest practicing lawyer in U.S. history.

Finney also was active during the Civil Rights movement as an activist and lawyer. He left this world having earned  11 degrees. 5 in Law and the others in Mathematics, Sociology and History. He obtained his last degree at 75!

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