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Former safety Mike Brown is giving back in an interestingly and powerful way. Gaming has taken the forefront of modern entertainment amongst youth and adults alike.

Whether hand held device, console or cable and internet the ability to control your experience with unlimited capabilities and access have become the cornerstone of modern living. Even activities like gambling, sports gambling in particular have become increasingly popular.

Mike Brown, the former football star and scholar decided to focus more on his philanthropic duties after leaving the game only to notice the staleness of fundraising and had a hard time getting to venture capitalist who weren’t just interested in his football career.

Combining sports betting with fundraising Brown created “Win-Win” A company that allows athletes to engage with their fans by creating tournament and betting events. Proceeds to support the athletes various charities.

This is an interesting concept in that it allows the common folk to interact with the favorite athletes far beyond the tell of fantasy competivlty for a good cause.

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19 year old Nigerian Social Entreprenuer Kennedy Ekezie-joseph is set to change male and female relations in Africa.

Joseph heads and runs the Calabar Youth Council for Women’s Rights. An organization that actively take action against female genital mutilation, domestic violence and lack of education and opportunity for Women of color.

The organization also seeks to educate and even reform and rehabilitate Men and young boys who too are caught in this cycle of becoming predators.

His “Africave” initiative brings the brightest young minds of Nigeria to coach and mentor the next generation. As more and more people leave the country this program seeks to rebuild communities by providing opportunity and coaching to the people by the people.

This young man’s efforts and fundraising have been recognized by former POTUS Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth.

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The “Pay for Play” Act or bill SB-206 passed by California State legislature will allow for student athletes to be compensated for their names and likeness. The bill will go into effect January 2023.

But the NCAA is not happy about it. They feel that it will undermine the spirit of “Ametuerism” and make students ineligible to compete. They feel students should focus on education not getting paid.

Ca. Legisture argues that for years NCAA have benefited off of young Men and Women living their dream and not being compendated. Young Men and Women who go to school, play sports and have to work all while the NCAA takes in over a Billion dollars a year using their likeness, name and talent.

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