Among moving his talents to the west coast, speaking out on his views about politics and  building a school in his home town “King” James is also starting to make moves in the film and television world creating deals with Netflix and HBO.

Teaming his SpringHill Entertainment with Octavia Spencer’s Oritz Entertainment the duo plans to produce a series chronicling the life and success of Madame CJ Walker, the 1st Female and African American millionaire in the United States. Spencer is also signed on to star.

The series will be based on the book “On her own Ground” by A’leia Bundles, the great great grandaughter of Madame Walker. Walker, who died in 1919 was revolutionary in discovering a hair care formula for women of color in which she amassed a great deal of wealth, fortune and fame.

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Octavia Spencer, LeBron James Team on TV Series About Entrepreneur Madam C.J. Walker (EXCLUSIVE)



Guident financial, a business funding agency recently released results of a survey done on Black businesses this past year and the study shows black entrepreneuralship is quickly on the up and up jumping 400% over the past 12 months!! Regardless of what the news say Black men make up 65% of new owners. Campaigns like “Buy Black” Black lives Matter, the”Woke” movement and yes, even “The Carters!” have opened the eyes of many and encouraged alot to not only support Black businesses but get off the plantation and create them!

But the same challenges our ancestors faced we may still deal with today. Aside from the ongoing gentrification of America ousting Blacks out of their homes many are still denied the programs and proper funding needed to start a business.  Even Black women who’re elligable for many programs and grants come up short with not even as much as 10% actually getting them. Many, as in history have resorted to self funding. The most interesting thing I found out about the survey was that out of all the businesses surveyed most of the new businesses were from owners between 30-59. Its not about the new generation anymore, old folks are waking up too!

Heres the link to see the infographic and read the story……… https://www.blackenterprise.com/black-business-ownership-400-year/




Benjamin Banneker is probably my favorite person in history because of his exceptional knowledge and skill in the sciences and math.  But the true origin of his genius goes deeper than “His-Story” will show.

Benjamin Banneker was really Ben Bey Emmanuel Mu Ali the son of slaves who bought their freedom. His father was a captured African Prince as well as his mother’s father. His maternal grandmother bought and freed slaves. In his household he learned the ancient sciences from his father and grand father.

Its rumored that his name “Benjamin Banneker  was an amalgamation of his father and grandfathers original non slave names. It is also rumored that he was in fact “Prince Hall” the founder of the first Black Masonic lodge. Of his 7 Almanacs we know of 6. The 7th which actually predicted the future was destroyed along with his house after his death. But heres “Their” version…….

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