Life in America is hard! Day to day it becomes a struggle to survive in this ever changing world. It’s easy to see how that can affect a person’s moral. When you feel secure you’re more inclined to be successful but when your situation is uncertain you unknownly have the propensity to lead towards failure.

Why is That? Doesn’t struggle fuel the fire for success? Don’t we know that “Hard work & Dedication!” Is the recipe for prosperity? Yeah! If you know. But the problem is most don’t know, and when you don’t know or learn from your mistakes you repeat them over and over and develop an addiction to failure.

This stunts not only our entrepreneurial growth but our spiritual growth as well by not allowing us to live out who we truly are. But at last there is a cure to self destruction! And we all know it!






“If you have a disease, no matter what kind of disease it is, you are anemic. Iron is the mineral that conveys oxygen to the brain. Iron is the spark plug of the human body. When you are deficient in Iron you are susceptible to a whole bunch of dieseases. Without Iron the body looses energy and the immune system begins to give way. There is no oxygen to the brain when Iron is low. Without Iron we wrinkle at a young age and no longer able to walk straight.”


Congrats to spectacular of early 2000s group “Pretty Ricky” on his company Adwizar landing on Forbes list of quickly rising companies. Since Pretty Risky broke up the singer used his connections and influence to start his own marketing company to help aspiring artist as well as current artists stay up to date in today’s market.

His clients includes, Pepsi, Colgate, Bone Thugs in Harmony, Snickers and VH1. Check out more here….

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